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SLA-2810D 2.8~10mm, SLA-3580DN 3.5~8mm, SLA-550DA 5~50mm

Mode Layar Kecepatan Servo TIAN HONG TH-550B

Samsung SCB-2000 50mm dark star test - Rondomon

Samsung SCB-2000 50mm dark star test. These are some videos taken on a CCTV security camera using a Samsung SLA-550DA 5.0 - 50mm varifocal lens. This camera and lens (new) is less than $200, but you have to provide a 12VDC power source. I had the lens set to 50mm, so full telephoto, so had about a 6 degree field of view. This lens at 5mm can get about a 50 degree field of view. It is able to detect satellites using SensUp, which is a internal form of frame stacking. This combination is an OK setup if just starting out UFO watching and you cant afford the $400 for the Yukon Night Ranger.




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